If you missed the recent Human Protocol <> SKALE AMA, there's nothing to fear, you can listen to the re-broadcast on youtube. Lonnie Rae, Head of Operations and Harry Singh, Head of Engineering, at Human Protocol join Jack O’Holleran cofounder and CEO of SKALE and had a great chat about everything from new announcements to its multi chain strategy to new business models. Learn more about what Human Protocol is doing and how they're working with SKALE.

SKALE + Human Protocol AMA

For more information:

Human Protocol https://www.humanprotocol.org

SKALE Website https://skale.network

Dapp Developers interested in utilizing SKALE for a project, please apply to the SKALE innovator program https://skale.network/innovators-signup

Documentation on deploying a Dapp to SKALE, can be found in the Developer Portal https://skale.network/docs/

To learn more about the SKALE $SKL token, please visit our SKL Token page https://skale.network/token/