The holidays were amazing, but time to get back to our regular schedule of Code & Dapps updates. These are bi-weekly episodes on practical aspects of SKALE Network building. Each update will be short (around 10-12 mins) and will feature key SKALE personalities driving code, product, integrations, developer relations, marketing, and much more.

We delayed posting this episode a week as we began our use case and partner marathon, so you might notice talking about it in the future, but it has started!  The latest update includes:

SKALE Code & Dapps update


  • Finalizing cryptography audit
  • Bug fixing skale chains and IMA
  • Gas optimizations
  • Launched new testnet
  • Opened up management system (issues and pull requests can now be seen on github)

Solutions engineering

  • Grants in place for some new partnerships
  • Refacing the block explorer


  • Use case and partner marathon is launched!
  • Ambassador program live
  • Schwag store update (design)

Stay tuned for more.